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Y strainer

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Y strainer Components: 1.Body and Bonnet: Ductile iron GGG-50 2.Screen:Stainless steel 3.Cover:Ductile iron Product Description: Y-type strainer transmission medium pipe system is indispensable to a filter device, Y strainer is usually installed in the valve, pressure relief valve, water valve or other device inlet end, used to remove impurities in the medium to protect the valves and equipment normal use. Y-type strainer has advanced structure, small resistance, sewage and convenient. Y-...

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    Y strainer
    1.Body na bonet: pangleuleusna ti antara beusi GGG-50
    2.Screen: stainless steel
    3.Cover: pangleuleusna ti antara beusi
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    Y-tipe transmisi strainer sedeng Sistim pipe nyaeta indispensable ka alat filter, Y strainer biasana dipasang di klep, klep relief tekanan, klep cai atanapi sejenna tungtung alat inlet, dipaké pikeun miceun najis dina medium pikeun nangtayungan valves jeung alat pamakéan normal. Y-tipe strainer boga struktur canggih, résistansi leutik, kokotor na merenah. Y-tipe sedeng strainer téh cocog pikeun cai, minyak, gas. Umumna ngaliwatan jaringan cai keur 18-30 bolong, bolong ventilasi 10 ka 100 bolong, ngaliwatan jaringan minyak tina 100 nepi 480 bolong.
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