Flexible cast iron drainage pipe major performance

Compared with other metal pipe and plastic pipe , cast iron drainage pipe has some unique advantages , as long as reflected in the high-intensity , low noise , long life, fire retardant , flexible earthquake , no secondary pollution , renewable recycling and so on.
1, low noise, high strength, long life
Movement does not drain water flow and gravity filling state , friction, shock, vibration noise is inevitable.
Graphite cast iron can have a dampening effect on the vibration and prevent vibration energy transfer between the grains , and convert the vibration energy into heat. So cast iron pipe has good noise damping properties . Experimental data show that , DN 100 pipeline flow 2.7 L / s , the cast iron pipe noise is 46.5 dB, U-PVC pipe noise is 58 dB, therefore requiring a quiet residential buildings, schools , hospitals, venue, hotels and other occasions , should use cast iron drainage pipe .
Cast iron tensile, flexural strength is 4 times of PVC plastic pipe commonly used .
Potential of the base body tissue iron is small, small electro chemical action , while the high silicon content , the surface can be continuous SIO2 protective film, so it is much higher than the corrosion resistance of steel in the same environment resistance , medium iron steel rust resistance is more than three times .
Cast iron drainage pipe excellent corrosion resistance and strength characteristics , so life is much greater than steel and plastic pipes.
2 , flexible seismic
Coefficient of linear expansion of cast iron is relatively low , and therefore affected by ambient temperature itself produces a small amount of stretching , and flexible interface structure of cast iron drainage pipe , it has a high resistance to stretching , flexing deformation and seismic capacity , the system axial deformation 35 mm, lateral vibration values ​​within 31.5 mm Flexing interface does not leak.
3 , high temperature, fire retardant
Having a drain through the connection of the floor, and room characteristics , should the drainage pipe in the event of a fire the fusible , poor flame retardancy , melt fracture will be formed quickly kitchen smoke effects. Cast iron pipe flame and melting point is that it has a good fire retardant .
4 , no secondary pollution , renewable recycled
Cast iron material itself does not contain chemical toxins , not to pollution, wastewater secondary pollution , and when building or demolition premium drains , cast iron drainage pipe can be 100% recycled .

Post time: May-22-2019
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