GIFA & METEC & NEWCAST Jun.12-16.2023, booth no. 14B07-3

We will attend the GIFA&METEC&NEWCAST exhibition in Dusseldorf Exhibition Center during Jun.12-16, 2023 as member of SNODE PIPE PRODUCTS.
Our booth no. is 14B07-3. Welcome to our booth to discuss more about casting technique and common business!

During the exhibiton, we will show you the branded products of SNODE Pipe Products:
- the raw casting pieces of EN545 Ductile iron pipe fittings that produced by our Lost Foam Casting Workshop, resin sand casting is also available for big sizes
- the sample pieces of EN877(SML) pipes that produced by Centrifugal Casting
- the related SML pipe fittings that cast by triditonal Sand Casting.
- the Floor Drains and Roof Drains that made by Cast Iron, Cast Brass or Investment Casting SS304 (lost wax).

We will also show some customized Channel Brackets and Pipe Hanger and Beam Clamps made by Shell Castings – GGG.

We have worked for casting foundry business since 2004,
we have rich experience on cast iron, cast steel, cast stainless steel,  we can provide ODM & OEM services to help you make even successful business!


Post time: May-29-2023
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